From its inception during the days of the goldrush, the classic Collins Street Lamp

has dominated the sidewalks of the most prestigious streets of Melbourne.

Originally tended by the old gas lamplighters during the Victorian era , they were converted

to electricity in the early 1900's. Today, the Collins Street Lamp remains one of the most recognisable features of old Melbourne town.

Now a strong revival of things historical has led to us recreating the Collins Street Lamp in its original size, and for the domestic market, two smaller sizes have been produced.

An attractive compatible post has been developed in such a way that it has the flexibility to adapt to any of the three lamps.

Alternatively, it has added the benefit of being able to accomodate almost any lamp manufactured throughout the world. Due to the strength of the post, it can also be used structurally in the building industry as verandah supports.

As with all our products, careful attention to even the most minor details and a high standard of quality control has been maintained.

We are proud that the Collins Street Lamps and London Posts are 100% Australian made, using only Australian raw materials